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An interactive grammar tutor can offer a number of benefits to those who are trying to master English grammar. In fact, a good grammar tutor can do much to help you learn how to use verbs in the proper manner and it can teach you all about the way that nouns can be inflected. In other words, if you are not sure about the plural forms of a noun or if you are not sure about what genitive forms are, then using an interactive grammar tutor is sure to be a good way of finding out.

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When using a grammar tutor be sure to enter the noun or even a verb into a specially created box which is normally visible on the page. Next, you have to select something called Dictionary word Forms which is displayed in a menu that is located below the box.

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It also makes sense to practice using verbs and their different forms. Once you have practiced this often enough, chances are that you will find it easy to use verbs in different ways. You should learn about tenses, especially regular and irregular ones. You must also learn about verbs and how they can be used when writing in the English language.

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There are several types of verb tenses for you to learn including imperative, modal verbs, strong and weak as well as mixed verbs. A grammar tutor should also teach you about conjugations (or the position of a verb) and you also need to learn about reflexive verbs and about subjunctive and indicative adjectives. One of the things that people that write in the English language do not understand fully is what the meaning is when a verb is used at the very beginning of the sentence. A grammar tutor can help explain this which will go a long way in learning how to write more effectively.

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